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Larry E. King, Health Care professional, B.Sc. BA, MBA. USA.
 I am very pleased with the whole program of instruction. It is very educational and well structured. I am currently working in the Health Care profession, for the past 6 years. I have found all of my courses at AMBAI to be very useful and helpful in improving my job skills and in giving me a better understanding of the workplace in general. Thank you for the quality courses that you offer over the Internet.
Some time after this letter we received a follow-up from Mr. King:
Good news! I recently received my results from taking the Certified MBA  exam. I passed the exam and am now a Certified MBA. I have been very pleased with the training at AMBAI and how much it helped me to prepare for the CMBA exam. Thank you for the quality education and assistance provided at AMBAI.

Marwan Shakir. USA.
I just want to express my thanks for sending the education verification to my prospective employer. This has helped me achieve a position at a large financial institute. I love the personal attention you provide to your students. The courses I have taken with AmbaiU has
helped me at functioning very well and understand the business world. Again
Thank you very much!!

Michael Donato, U.S. Coast Guard. USA.
I work for the U.S. Coast Guard, Housing/Facilities Administration. My primary military occupation is Personnel Administration/Human Resources. However, while serving under a new assignment, I found the AMBAI course very inspiring to fulfilling new challenges in regards to logistics, technology and innovation and strategic management. The AMBAI course provided me the big picture to align organizational goals and reaching success. I was recently nominated as outstanding Mid Level Manager of the year by the Professional Housing Management Association (! Thanks again

Ahmed Merah, B.Sc. BA. Canada
I am a Senior Counselor for corporate travel at BTI (Business Travel International) in Montreal Canada. I found AmbaiU course materials covering the entire field of major study. Close to the real life business place. I recommend these courses to any person that  wants to complete or ameliorate his education or work experience. Thank you.

  Brijesh Kumar Chaturvedi, Sales Manager, SYSCON FZE. Dubai - U.A.E.
Kindly accept my congratulations on offering these brilliantly developed  programs, which are directly related to real life business situations. Completing this program with AmbaiU was not only informative and educative but was also like a real time experience for me. I easily managed to complete this course despite my very busy professional schedule.

  H.S.Moorthy, Key Information Technology, Dubai - U.A.E.
Achieving a MBA degree has been my long time ambition which got postponed due to my busy work and life schedule. If it hadn't not been for AMBAI and its flexible methodology of studies my dream would have never come true.
Being part of Ambai and studying had been a great experience and I am grateful for the immense treasure of knowledge I attained thru the process.
Once again I thank the entire team for extending the cooperation .

Gregory Loveday, Business Manager. Edmonton, Canada.
 The  program is fantastic. The topics and objectives were clear, and the information was relevant and current.
I would recommend the program to people in all levels of business or management.
I have found the simulated conversations an incredible learning tool.
Thank you for offering such a great program at such an affordable price.

Henrique José Plöger Abreu
.  Portugal
Thank You All for the great support given through the  program.  The course content is explained in a very comprehensive way and also very actual with lots of day to day business situations. Keep on the good work. Kind regards. I have a background in mechanical Engineering, a sales experience of 12 Years, 3 of them as a Key Account Manager and two Years Marketing Experience in the Cleaning and Hygiene Industry. I have been very focused in further developing my skills and the AmbaiU program proved to be the right way in achieving this.

Mahefanirina Rakotomalala, Computer Engineer, BBA. France
I am pleased to receive my diploma and transcripts. Many thanks to you.
I am a computer engineer and I am working in a multinational IT company. Though my mother tongue is not English, I had no difficulties to grasp the nut and bolt of the AMBAI courses. The program is very concise and practical. I recommend it to those who are seeking to improve their knowledge and skills on the business field. Thanks again.

Patrick Akula, UN
I come from Kenya, Eastern part of Africa and currently I work with United Nation Peace keeping in Kosovo (the former province of Yugoslavia). I am Telecommunication Engineer by profession. I learnt of the availability of AmbaiU courses through a friend from DR Congo who was by then in Kosovo. The course content was fabulous, well researched and properly documented. The conversation between the tutor and student made it easier for me to follow the course. The availability of teacher support, student support services and quick response to student queries made the course more interesting and rewarding. The course has imparted a lot to me in terms of resource management. I congratulate the staff of AmbaiU for the good work.

Anil Nair. Bangkok, Thailand
Though I have a Bachelor's deagree in science (Chemistry), I am really very
happy to receive the diploma from AmbaiU. I work as Business Computer
Lecturer for Assumption Commercial College in Thailand. I have being
attached to AmbaiU since 2000 and I have attended all the courses available
from AmbaiU. I have found the course materials so easy to understand and
since its based on dialogue between writer to students, which makes the
course more interesting and easy to understand. Contents have being nicely
chosen. I would like to thanks Mr. Alex Baptist and Mr. John Henry, for
their support. Once again, thank you very much.

Jasleen Chamak, Officer for the factoring subsidiary of Canara Bank, India.
I earned Master's in Commerce, Cost Accountancy Intermediate Professional and Advanced Diploma in Information Technology. The AMBAIU MBA Program has contributed largely in supplementing the knowledge, understanding the real-life processes in a better way..
The program is so interesting that management actually becomes too easy to understand. As a student, I not only got involved but got delighted, excited and spellbound as I read more and more. There is no better way to learn the concepts and appreciate the prudence involved behind successful business enterprises than taking this course. It's a real, enriching experience!

 Dixon M Sandy,  Freetown,  Sierra Leone, West Africa.
Thanks for your wonderful BBA study materials. They are indeed wonderful and straight to the point. As a proud graduate and holder of an AMBAI Degree, my
future is certain. I would encouraged my friends to be part of this wonderful institution. Cheers and please include this in your web.



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 Jeetendra N. Dash, MBA,. Strategic Management professional. USA
I was primarily attracted to AmbaiU for one of its courses in strategic management, an  area in which I serve in one of the pioneering health care organizations in the USA. The course  was so irresistible that I ended up completing all the courses it had to offer. The courses are  conversational, well-structured and exceedingly economical. When I enrolled I already had my MBA  in business but the courses at AmbaiU teach you not only the theory of business but the real life situations as well. Mr. Carl K. Steudler, the president of AmbaiU says "AmbaiU delivers exactly what it promises; nothing more, and nothing less." Trust me, there are a few things that exceed one's expectations and reinforce one's faith in life... AmbaiU is one of them

Didier Bourguignon, MBA. 63100 Clermont-Ferrand, France
Good day team, this is to inform you that my application form was accepted in a well established French university with the AmbaiU diploma. Thanks for your support and your help!

  Darren C. McCarter B. Sc. BA - Electrical Engineer. USA
The AmbaiU program is wonderful. Very enlightening and up to date. The flexibility helped immensely. As an electrical engineer I needed to broaden my horizons with a Business Administration degree. This will allow me to branch out into a management function within my company. Thank you for offering a program that is relevant to today's world.

  Hervé Auch-Roy, MSEE (CNAM France), MBA (AmbaiU), Semiconductor Industry Consultant, California USA.
My MSEE -Master of Science in Electronic Engineering- gave me in the past the opportunity to contribute to the high-tech activities of several large multinational corporations in Europe and USA. However, I felt the need to improve my business and management skill set in order to take the next step in today's global economy.
I found the AmbaiU program very well organized, and being online makes it of the highest convenience. The student support is very prompt, courteous and accurate, as one would expect from a high quality international education program. The courses are very clear and, together with the homework assignments and essays, provide all the references to build up the key knowledge that an MBA graduate needs today. I highly recommend any person willing to reach higher grounds to enroll in the AmbaiU program.
Some time after this letter we received a follow-up from Mr. Auch-Roy:
I am pleased to let you know that I passed the Certified MBA exam on February 18, 2005.

Sarah Hilton, UK
Never before have I found a course so convenient. I am able to work from my
own home and at my own pace and this has certainly helped me to achieve my
results. Thank you again.


  David MacLeod, P.Eng., Chief Electrical Inspector, Environment and Labour. Canada.
I have just finished my program and would recommend it to any one interested in learning the fundamentals of management and business administration. I found the course material and subjects well prepared , easy to understand and up to date. The progressive approach of starting with a
single course through to the MBA level is an excellent manner in which to learn to the material. My congratulations to AMBAIU on their excellent approach to providing higher learning.

   Mateusu Kawa, B.Sc. Business Administration (AmbaiU). Japan
Regarding AmbaiU program, I found it very interesting and it helped me to improve my knowledge on business field. It inspired me deeply.  I am deeply thankful to AMBAIU Team, and particularly, to Mr. John Henry and Mr. Alex Baptist, for their support. Once again, thank you very much.

Lee Sung Hung, B.Sc. Business Administration (AmbaiU). Malaysia
As a working adult I use to go outstation often. I personally think that your  Program is the best for people like us. Besides as adults most of us have been in the real business world so what we need is a concise program like yours. Of course the best is that it is an online program so that (while on the road) we can drop into any net-shop and do our study and even make our payments. Thank you again.

 Rashid Abdur, Coordinator at Clintrials Bioresearch Ltd.; BBA). Canada
I hold a Bachelor Degree from another University but I found the AmbaiU Website so very interesting and valuable that I decided to start from the bottom. To take online courses is not easy but I did it, yes I did it!! . I found AmbaiU course materials to be very comprehensive.  Many thanks to the AMBAI Team, and specially, to Mr. John Henry and Mr. Alex Baptist, for their support.

Sylvain Musafiri, Internacional consutant, UNWFP.
First of all, I would like to thank the AmbaiU for the clear, informative and updated courses that permitted me to be connected to the new world business and investment environment. The  was properly delivered and it
was a matter of rejoicing with my colleagues who are now motivated to join the AmbaiU. I am wishing to
enroll in (the AmbaiU) Program and get more knowledge and skills for my work as a UNWFP International Consultant

Donald Ah Pak, MBA. China.
Dear Mr. Steudler and the AMBAI Personnel:  I would like to take this opportunity to thanking the entire AMBAI for their continued support and collaboration. AMBAI have been a wonderful experience. Thank you very much!.

Essraa Nawar, MBA. USA/Egypt
First I would like to thank you so much for everything. For the Great Program, the wonderful courses, the affordable cost and the co-operative staff.
I am a 23 year old mother of 2 children and AMBAIU was the best thing for me in order to continue my graduate studies. You guys keep the good work…
(Miz Nawar completed her studies while living in the USA and is now working in Egypt)

YAO Marius. Cote d'Ivoire.
 My name is YAO Marius. I am from Cote d'Ivoire/West Africa (French speaking country). I am working for an American oil company named Ocean Energy Intl. I am the logistics shore base supervisor. The course was valuable to me ,well written, easy to understand with day to day examples and cases. Fees are reasonable and unbeatable (to the best of my knowledge!!). AmbaiU has a wonderful staff  keen to help students achieve their goals!!! The benefits of the course are great for me and also for my company. A promotion will follow pretty soon .

 Garry D. Burns, CD, BBA (AmbaiU), AMCT(A) Hampton, Ontario Canada
Thank you for assistance you; your faculty and staff members have provided as I have pursued the BBA degree. I have run a number of businesses and found the information both real and useful in
everyday applications. The course work was well written, appropriately challenging and the format was conducive to effective learning. I am looking forward to completing the MBA program. AmbaiU is an outstanding academic institution that I heartily recommend to all prospective students.

  Ronald Vogelezang, Customer Service Representative. Belgium
I can't thank you enough for the opportunity to learn Management and
Business Administration in such a convenient way. I'm planning a trip to the USA within the next year to take the Certified MBA exam. I'm confident that will be the best career booster ever!


Luci Graziano, B.Sc. Business Administration (AmbaiU). USA
I am an Executive Administrative Assistant for a Logistics firm. The course is fabulous! Since I have been in the workforce for over 25 years, I was able to apply a lot of my work experience to the material that you were covering. The questions at the end of each module were a great way to review and the homework was very challenging. Thanks again.

Hans Walthaus, Medical Center General Manager, B.Sc. BA, MBA. Netherlands
I am most grateful to have completed the full course program. I think the complete structure and lay-out of the course was very good and even for a non-native speaker it is very easy to understand. Other things I like very much about Ambai are the cost they charge you, the flexible entry times, the fast way they let you know the result of the exams, and the most friendly attitude towards students. At The moment I am working in Holland as General Manager in a medical center.

 Charles I. Mulamba, MBA. Finance Officer. UN
I would like to thank the AmbaiU Management for the support provided through the program. It has been an enjoyable experience to go through well structured and valuable courses which fully met my expectations, and helped me understand the business world. I have recommended these courses to my colleagues, and I believe AMBAI would be a good choice to anyone wishing to update his/her education or improve his experience as a modern manager. I am a Finance officer working for the United Nations system for 10 years. My motivation towards AMBAI courses was to better understand the business world, and in respect of this point I can ensure you that you have met my needs.

 Dennis Boh Tuang Meng, BBA. Singapore
Allow me to comment about the program. The unique Plato teaching approach of applying the dialogue technique makes an engaging and appealing learning experience throughout the entire course. Lessons are presented in a very comprehensive and straightforward format and the concepts can be effortlessly understood. The business syllabus on negotiation, marketing, economic, financial and management have been expertly crafted and have therefore proved to be exceptionally practical, relevant and up to date. It is a teaching catalyst which spurs and encourages me to read intensely from other sources.  

Ryan Wickham. Barbados
Regarding your  Program, I must say, that I am extremely impressed by the format the courses are presented. When I compare them to other courses, including those offered by universities many of the topics
covered are the same. I found that due to the personalized format of the textbooks I could grasp the core concepts without much trouble. As a Junior Level Manager within my company time is important to me and taking this course was a wise investment of my time. Keep the good work up!

  Trudy Jaquith, Accountant. USA.
I found your program to fill the empty pieces of my skills. For many years I have held jobs as an accountant, but I didn't have the education I needed to further my career in salary. My husband is a CPA and new that I had the skills, but lacked the theory behind the skills. He encouraged me to find a program that could teach me the theory. I am pleased to find that the courses at AmbaiU have done that!
Thank you for providing the education I needed, at a price I could afford.

Nguyen Thanh Can, Vietnam
I am  34 years old. I currently work for Holcim Company. I have worked as a supervisor in some different areas such as maintenance, production, warehouse and purchasing. I earned my first University Degree (engineering) in 1994. To develop my career, I looked for an online MBA
program and visited many websites but I found AmbaiU website very interesting, flexible, affordable and most suitable for my needs.

  Vu Duc Thang, Vietnam
I  live in Vietnam and work for BV Pharma Joint Venture Company in the sales department. I graduated from the University of Economics.
I would like to express my gratitude to the AMBAI team for their dedicated and prompt
support for all of my queries during the time I studied online at AMBAIU. I have found this MBA course very useful, affordable, concise and comprehensive. It helps me improve my skills in business administration as well as English skills as I am not a native English learners. Although there are
many other institutions that provide MBA courses in bricks and mortar premises or online, I think this AMBAI MBA course is very suitable for me. Once again, thank you a lot for all your help.

Melvin Gooding, BBA (AmbaiU). Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies
Thanks for giving me the opportunity to study with AMBAIU. The course was well thought out and taught. (no pun intended) The dialog between student and teacher was unique. Now as the proud holder of a BBA, I would continue to encourage all students to enroll with the university. The wealth of knowledge here is immeasurable. There is even a support group where we can ask questions or share experiences.
In my country (Trinidad and Tobago), West Indies, I am a Duty Manager with the airport, with responsibility (as part of a team), for forging the airport ahead in this radically changing global economical environment; and while I have done many courses related to management I believe this is by far the best that I have attended. The online aspect makes it easy to "attend" classes at any hour. For me this is just the beginning of a continuous learning process, and I look forward towards achieving the second degree with AmbaiU. I. Oh... cannot forget the price!! Can we ask for anything more?!!!!
--Later we received this comment: Let me take this opportunity to thank you for sending the transcript to the University Of the West Indies (UWI) I have been accepted to do their Masters Program starting this September. My warmest thanks to you and the AMBAI community. Melvin Gooding

Mrs. Stephanie R. Payton. USA.
Mr. Steudler, I thought this was a great program. I'm in the US Army. I have three small children and going to sit in a class is not possible with my schedule. I see this as an opportunity for working people. I would like to request a copy of my official transcript. Could I please have it mailed to my address.

Kathleen S. Brooks. USA.
I am an administrative management professional with over 12 years experience. I have worked for cities, counties, non-profits, corporate, and retail companies. Because my field is general administration, it is necessary for me to be familiar with all aspects of business and administration. This is why I find these  courses helpful. The information is useful and can be applied no matter where I am working.

Babatunde O. Laniyonu, Researcher & Technical Developer, USA
I've worked for Northrop Grumman, Inc. as a researcher and technical developer for 4 1/2 years, and now work for a US, think tank, providing research and technical development services. AmbaiU's BBA program has been a great intellectual challenge with stages of increasing difficulty as I progressed through the course, packed full of very current, valuable business information.
AmbaiU's program comprehensively covered the subject of business in a way
that guided me through the practical applications, and implications of
business activity, then, led into the more advanced and technical aspects of
business, while simultaneously demonstrating each business area's relevance and applicability.