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To Future AmbaiU Students

A Message from our President

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Welcome to the AmbaiU Website.

We regularly receive highly favorable comments from our alumni, some of which you can read in this Website. However my favorite comment was written by a participant in an Internet Forum, and I quote: "AmbaiU is what it says it is, nothing more, nothing less."

What I like about this comment is that it centers on what we at AmbaiU are most proud of: our integrity.

Everything stated in this Website is true, and no relevant facts are hidden.

As stated in our home page, the AmbaiU MBA program meets ICI's requirements of being an MBA degree granting program. The AmbaiU MBA program is not targeted at teenagers who have recently finished secondary education. It is not targeted at people who want am easy, fast-track way to a pseudo-degree to adorn a CV. AmbaiU  is targeted at intelligent working adults who need to improve their business skills and are willing to make the effort  needed to reach their objective. And these kind of people are surely capable of making a sound decision if provided with all the relevant and true facts.

I suggest you read this Website carefully and make your decision. If you are willing to give it a try, the risk is zero. Pick any one of the eleven Seminars, and if you don't like it, ask for a full refund. You will immediately get it, no questions asked (yes, this is true, too).

Whatever you decide, I appreciate your having taken the time to read this letter.


Carl K. Steudler, President